Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. Authorised driver:
    1. Must have held a Full UK License for at least 2 years.
    2. Must not have been convicted within the last 3 years from the date of conviction, of any of the following minor motoring offences:  Codes: CU (Except CU 80), LC, MS (Except MS 50), MW, PC, PL, SP, TS
    3. Must not have been convicted within the last 5 years from the date of conviction of any of the following major motoring offences: Codes:  AC BA CD CU80 DD DR IN WS SD IT UT XX
    4. Only drivers named on the rental agreement are authorised to drive.
    5. Must not have had an accident, incident and fire or theft loss within the last 3 years.
    6. Must not have had any undisclosed criminal convictions unless they are no longer disclosable under the Rehabilitations of Offender Act (1974).
    7. The company reserves the right to inspect the clients driving license or that of his servant or agent.
  2. Auto Drive (Huddersfield) Limited from here on referred to as “The company”, registered in England with number 09443887 agrees to hire and there client agrees to take the vehicle on the terms and conditions set out herein.
  3. Rental of vehicles is at the company’s discretion and we reserve the right to refuse rental of vehicles to any person. The company operates a random security screening system and rental of our vehicles will be conditional upon your successful completion of such a check.
  4. This agreement applies to the rental of all vehicles supplied by the company.
  5. Excess and other Charges:
    1. The client will pay the company on demand all charges due here under, including where relevant, additional charges and VAT or other taxes thereon, in the event of accident / loss or damage to the vehicle and the company will undertake repairs or select a repairer if applicable and invoice the client for such repairs and any associate costs including the daily rental charge for each day the vehicle remains under repair. Such invoices will be payable on demand. Ultimate responsibility is with the client
    2. All other optional equipment and services (eg special equipment, additional drivers, optional insurances, fuel, additional days) will incur additional charges, which you must pay directly to the The company when you pick up your vehicle. Additional charges may also be made by the The company when you pick up your vehicle if you are under the age of 25 (Young Driver Surcharge).
    3. The hirer will have to pay for repairs if the vehicle has been damaged either inside or outside (whether or not the Renter’s fault).
    4. When you rent a vehicle from Auto Drive, the price you are quoted automatically includes a basic level of cover should you be involved in an accident. This basic cover includes: Legal Liability, Third Party Cover and Vehicle Theft Cover.
    5. The benefits of collision damage waiver may not apply in circumstances where Renter has used the vehicle in an abusive manner.
    6. If the rental car is damaged or stolen, the mandatory cover will include the cost of repairing and / or replacing the vehicle. However, the renter will have to pay a fixed amount towards the repair / replacement costs. This is known as an excess. This applies regardless of whether you were at fault.
    7. At the point of collecting the rental vehicle, AutoDrive will pre authorise an amount on the driver’s credit / debit card to cover the vehicle excess. These funds will then be released following the end of the rental period. The card will not be charged unless damage or additional charges occur.
    8. Vehicles are hired at a daily rate according to the agreed charge. One day being defined as a period of 24 hours from the time of commencement of the hire agreement. One weekend being defined as 72 hours (Typically Friday 12pm until Monday 12pm). One week being defined as 168 hours. 28 days being defined as 672 hours. A grace period of 59 minutes is allowed for after the time the vehicle is due back. After this, a charge for one day daily rate will be made for each day until the vehicle is returned.
    9. Any costs associated with recovering any debts payable to The company including but not limited to Debt collection agency charges, Solicitors fees, Court fees and our time spent dealing with the matter.
  6. Mileage:
    1. The hirer must not exceed the stated mileage limit displayed for that car. If the hirer becomes aware that the vehicle is about to exceed the stated mileage limit the hirer must contact us immediately and should not incur any further mileage without consent.
    2. Where the hirer exceeds the stated mileage limit of any vehicle without the express consent of Auto Drive, The Company may terminate the rental immediately and the hirer may be liable for excess mileage charges as set out in the rental agreement signed by the hirer.
  7. The client acknowledges that he has a duty to ensure that all reasonable care is taken of the vehicle against damage or loss throughout the hire period. The client undertakes to ensure the vehicle is not subject to any overloading in respect to the number of persons occupying the vehicle or weight of goods carried within the vehicle during the hire period. The client undertakes to return the vehicle with all tyres, tools, audio equipment and other accessories in the same condition to the place and on the date set down overleaf. If any special cleaning or repair work is required for any reason the company will raise a separate invoice to cover the cost of any cleaning and/or repair work required/carried out.
  8. The company undertake to provide a vehicle to the client which is in good working order and which functions satisfactorily throughout the hire period.The company will carry out a series of checks to ensure the vehicles are released to an acceptable standard. The client must also check the vehicle throughout to ensure the vehicle is in satisfactory order. The Vehicle will be released in a clean condition, the vehicle must be returned in a clean condition.
  9. Where the vehicle develops a fault during the hire period due to any reason what so ever, the client undertakes to inform the company immediately. The client must not attempt to use the vehicle in an unroadworthy condition. If repair work must be carried out, the hirer must not proceed without prior approval from the company.
  10. Extension of hire period:
    1. In the event that the client requires a vehicle for a longer period than the agreed hire period he/she must notify the company at least 24 hours prior to the termination of the agreed hire period. All extensions of the agreed hire period will be at the discretion of the company and no guarantee is made that the request will be accepted.  In the event that the client fails to notify the company of such requirement his/her authority to retain the said vehicle may, at the company’s discretion terminate and in the event, the client will become liable for any loss or damages incurred by the company as a result. The company reserves the right, in the event of such failure of notification, to use such lawful means as it may choose to recover the vehicle. All costs associated with recovery will be charged to the hirer.
    2. If the hire period is to be extended beyond 28 days the client must notify the company and in turn fill out another agreement for the number of days (to be authorised by insurance) required.
    3. After the expiry of 28 days,  a new agreement must be completed for any period thereafter.
  11. Penalties:
    1. The client is liable is for all penalties incurred during the hire period including, but not limited to, parking clamping, bus lane and speeding fines, congestion and compound charges and in addition when the company has to provide the clients details to the authority levying such penalty, or it remains unpaid the client shall also be charged a £30 administration charge in addition to the actual cost of the penalty.  All clients are subject to the Road Traffic Act 1988.
    2. If the vehicle is seized by Customs and Excise, immigration authorities, Police compound or any other seizure,  the client shall be charged for the Penalty and restoration charges and loss of income whilst the Company cannot rent out the vehicle
  12. The vehicle will not be used:
    1. For the carriage of the passengers or property and/or for hire or reward unless pre-approved by the company.
    2. For racing, pace making, reliability trials speed testing, or driving instructors.
    3. To propel or tow and other vehicle or trailer except where the vehicle is covered by the client’s own insurance and the company’s written consent has been obtained.
    4. In violation of the provision of any legal order or regulation affecting the use, loading or condition of the vehicle or for any illegal purpose.
    5. Outside mainland United Kingdom without the express agreement of the company.
    6. The vehicle will not be driven by any person, other than client or authorised additional person(s), who has not held a valid driving license for a minimum period of 24 months, who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory/non prescription or otherwise illegal drugs, and narcotics. Whose driving licence is subject restriction due to disability or infirmity, Also persons involved in professional sports, entertainment and learner drivers.
    7. The vehicle will not be driven by individuals who have medical conditions which are restricted by the DVLA.
  13. The client acknowledges that any property placed within the Vehicle is there at their own risk and the Company has no responsibility for such property.
  14. The client or any authorised driver of the Vehicle will in no way be deemed to be the agent or servant of the company.
  15. If the client is a Company or other organisation for which a credit account has been opened these terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the corporate Terms and Conditions of trading given to the client at the time of opening the account as varied for time to time
  16. The client acknowledges that the company is entitled to charge any credit, charge or debit card nominated at the time hired vehicle is effected for any charges due to the company pursuant to this agreement.
  17. In the event of an accident the client must NOT accept liability, however must do the following obtain name addresses, vehicle make/model, contact numbers, registration number of any vehicle involved & insurance company details, any incident must be reported to the company within 12 hours and an accident form must be completed.
  18. The hirer agrees and acknowledges that for the purposes of detection and prevention of crime, the vehicle may contain a tracking device which once activated will track the vehicles location at all times, until such time as the vehicle is returned to us.
  19. If the vehicle is given on credit hire agreement then Auto Drive will agree with the client or third party the daily rate. At the end of the of the credit period an invoice will be raised in the name of the insurance company or client and Auto Drive will receive payment for the period via cheque (unless other method agreed). Failure of any pending payment will mean the client named on agreement agrees they themselves are liable to pay any outstanding balance within 28 days of the invoice being issued. The hire in a credit hired agreement shall pay Auto Drive charges that become due under this agreement, by one single payment within eleven months beginning with the date of the rental agreement. Maximum credit will be 79 days if authorised by third party insurance
  20. If a client returns the vehicle late due to unforeseen circumstances, then he/she must inform the Company prior to scheduled return time.
  21. In the event of an accident the client must pay the excess agreed with the Company, and fill out an Accident Claim/Detail form.
  22. Vehicle Abuse:
    1. In the case of misuse/abuse of the vehicle or severe weather conditions the Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement before end date/period.
    2. If it becomes clear the vehicles are being abused by drivers or driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the company reserves the right to terminate the agreement and repossess any the vehicle by whatever lawful means necessary. All costs associated in repossessing the vehicle will be billed to the hirer.
  23. Cancellation/Changes:
    1. When booked online, if you do not cancel your booking before the reservation date and time shown in your booking and fail to pick up your vehicle within 24 hours from that time, a non-cancellation fee of £50 will be charged.
    2. If you cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior to collection you will receive a full refund less one daily rate charge for that vehicle.
    3. If you cancel your booking up to 3 days prior to collection you will receive a full refund less £50.
    4. If you cancel your booking on the same day the reservation is made, no cancellation fee will be applied.
    5. If you do not collect your vehicle and do not cancel, there is no refund and the full amount for the rental will be charged.
    6. Your booking constitutes a guaranteed booking by the company as appropriate. In the event that the company fails to honour your booking for any reason, the company will refund you in full.
    7. In the event that you are charged a non-cancellation fee due to an event of force majeure, including but not limited to, any act of God, terrorism, act of government or state, war, civil commotion, insurrection, embargo, or labour dispute, you shall be entitled to a refund on provision of appropriate evidence to the company.
    8. Subject to availability, you can change your booking at any time up until the time the rental agreement starts. Where appropriate, you will be charged or refunded according to the difference in price of the vehicle and/or additional services.
    9. If a vehicle is returned earlier than stated in the rental agreement, the hirer agrees to pay the full amount chargeable for the entire duration of the agreement.
  24. The company will terminate the agreement immediately if it finds out:
    1. The hirer’ goods have been taken away from him to pay off his debts, or if a receiving order has been made against him, Hirer goes into liquidation; Hirer calls a meeting of creditors; Hirer does not meet any of the conditions of this Agreement. Any unauthorised driver is found to be driving the rental vehicle.
    2. If Auto Drive ends the Agreement it will not affect the company’ right to receive any money it is owed under the conditions of the Agreement.
  25. This agreement is governed by the laws of England. Any dispute may be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid / unenforceable the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
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